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Nature guide Ethel Åberg

The Ammarnäs and Vindelfjällen nature reserve with a guide is safe and secure.
Mikael Båth

Lapland Hike

Guided experiences

Nature guide Ethel Åberg operates Lapland Hike, a company offering guided experiences in the Ammarnäs and Vindelfjällen nature reserves for those who want to explore the area with its fantastic diversity of nature and culture in a safe and secure way.

Ethel was born and raised in Ammarnäs. She has worked as a guide since 2012 and is a member and Authorized Tourist Guide, nationally certified through Sveguide and certified Nature Guide via Gränslösa Guider. Additionally, she is a member and active guide in the non-profit association Ammarnäs Storytellers and Cultural Guides. Together with Ethel, you have the opportunity to create your own authentic memories through genuine and sustainable experiences that are safe and secure.

Ethel and her company Lapland Hike are part of Västerbotten Experience, which means that you are offered genuine experiences of Västerbotten's culture and nature when you visit Lapland Hike. As a Västerbotten Experience, we build our business on sustainability, with a focus on the Västerbotten lifestyle and hospitality. Look out for the Västerbotten Experience seal, which points the way to more sustainable nature and cultural experiences.

For inspiration, booking, and contact with Ethel Åberg, visit, email, or call +46 (0)70-578 21 47.