Sauna and barbecue cabin

The sauna and barbecue cabin outside the Guidecenter
Photo: Peter Schmitt, december 2020

The sauna and barbecue cabin

The sauna

In our wood-burning sauna, which can accommodate 10 people, you have washing facilities and different fragrance essences so that everyone can enjoy the sauna as they wish.

You can sit back and look out the skylight where you might see both the full moon and the northern lights.

The barbecue cabin

You may meet in the barbecue cabin before the sauna to eat some snacks. Of course, it is also fine to have a cold beer as we have full rights even in the sauna and the barbecue cabin.

In the barbecue cabin, there are both USB sockets, good lighting and other things that make it possible for you to have a completely separate conference with food options.

Of course, the coffee pot hangs over the fire all day.

Package with food and drink

Group SEK 1,400 for the entire cabin

Food suggestions in the barbecue cabin

Fjällvilt beef burger
GC kebabs
Various pasta dishes straight from our open fire