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Västerbotten Experience

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From the first of December, you can book your fishing with a guide and our packages that give you the best fishing in Ammarnäs and the surrounding area.

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Small game hunting

In the area around Ammarnäs, there are uniquely large lands that are open for grouse hunting thanks to a close dialogue with the Sami village of Rans and Gran. Join Magnus Engdahl on grouse hunting!

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In the summer of 2024, Mankeforsen in Vindelälven is back in our program! Join us and fish for trout in the unique and unregulated flowing water of River Vindeln.

Mankeforsen >>


In collaboration with Vindelfjällen's Sami center, we organize 2024 trips to Laiva, which offers exclusive trout fishing in running water. Come to us and experience!

Laiva >>


In 2024, we are once again offering our mountain fishing in Ältsån. This is a magical flowing water with char and trout. Our base camp is located right in paradise.

Ältsån >>

Snowshoe hiking

Snowshoe hiking is something completely new for most people and our tours are always just as appreciated. Come along to Näsbergtjärn winter 23/24.

Snowshoe hiking >>

Snowmobile safari

A glorious winter's day with fantastic views or an evening tour with the moon and northern lights as company. The choice is yours this winter!

Snowmobile safari >>

Cross-country skiing

Our classic style and skate technique camps turned out well, although we had to cancel at some point due to cold weather. 23/24 we continue in our fine tracks.

Cross-country skiing >>

Char fishing on the mountain

We start the day by taking a snowmobile or helicopter up to our exceptional waters where we will spend the day ice fishing and experience good fellowship.

Char fishing on the mountain >>

Exclusive trout fishing

A normal guided tour starts after lunch when we hike up to the cabin from Höbäcken. Once settled in, we lay out the tactics for the day and the night ahead.

Vindelån with cabin >>

3 & 7-day

In the summer of 2024, we will of course continue with our exclusive fishing packages. This includes accommodation, food, guides and transport to the absolute best waters we have in our area.

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Nature guide

Nature guide Ethel Åberg operates Lapland Hike, a company offering guided experiences in the Ammarnäs and Vindelfjällen nature reserves

Nature guide Ethel Åberg >>

Mountain biking

Rent your mountain bike on site in Ammarnäs and head out into the mountains. You can rent the Scott Aspect 920 complete with helmet, map and repair kit.

Mountain biking >>


Eleven years ago we started with guided bird watching and it was an immediate success. In 2024 we continue for the eleventh time and spot even more bird species!

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